We want to help you advocate for your personal and professional development by demonstrating a solid return on the company’s investment in their most important asset – YOU!

Here are four reasons why your organization should invest in your leadership development.

A healthier bottom line

Companies with male-only boards are foregoing potential profits of $655bn. Authentic Leadership for Women is a focused and immersive program for developing and supporting female leaders, increasing the contribution they make to bottom line results.

Honing women’s strengths returns dividends

Sixty-six percent of women workers believe it is “very important” to hold a job that allows them to do what they do best. Authentic Leadership for Women uses a strengths-based approach to its curriculum such that women not only zero in on what they do best, but also understand the purpose behind what they do every day.

Professional relationships matter

When women have strong professional relationships, they gain shared resources, shared language and shared experiences. When women have “a deep sense of affiliation with their professional network, they take positive actions that benefit the business, actions they might not have taken if they did not have strong relationships.” Creating a vibrant community of women leaders is built into the Authentic Leadership for Women program.

Increasing confidence increases productivity

Women indicate, in astounding numbers, that having a mentor or coach is the #1 support structure they need to grow confidence, take action and be a successful leader. Individual and group coaching is a key element of Authentic Leadership for Women.

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